Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last week was the eye clinic, and I'm sad to say that the boy I wrote about in blog post from last week wasn't able to be helped. The doctors said that they just couldn't do anything to restore his sight. I really hope that even though we couldn't help his eyes that he would have been able to feel our love and that we truly care for him. He traveled a long way to get to our village when he heard about they eye clinic, so I don't know if I'll ever see the boy again, but I sure think about him a lot.

This week I visited an NGO called Generation Journey. They have asked me to help them with an agricultural project. I'm really excited about the opportunity, but there is so much to learn before I can help! I've found that I know very little about tropical agriculture! I will probably be working there one or two days a week helping out. I was also went to visit a man from our church's plantation. We call him Pomelo Man. He has a pomelo plantation and amazing gardens! These are some of his gourds. The one being held up by bands is about the size of a 3 year old child.

Generation Journey's Website:

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  1. Mags, you are one of the best learners I know so I think you will be as prepared as possible.