Thursday, April 2, 2009


It's been nearly a month since my last blog post, so I figured I'm due. Things have been fairly busy around here- starting transplants, digging compost pits, finding cow manure, chasing kids screaming "poisonous snake!". You know... all the normal things workers do. 

Planting is a bit tricky here. We've gotten quite a bit of rain lately which has made the ground much easier to work. I've been preparing beds in the children's home garden but I'll wait until the end of April to plant, that will be just before rainy season starts. Hopefully we'll have just enough rain to produce some tasty tomatoes. I've also ordered 20 pineapple plants to plant the last week of April!

Courtney and I have been spending a little time with a
 Burmese woman in town here the past week or so. She's really funny and seems to just enjoy our presence. We brought a watermelon to share with her today. Her daughter about had a heart attack. She ate nearly half and kept lifting up her shirt to show us her full stomach. So cute. This woman is pretty poor. The grass roof of her house is totally holey - which especially stinks because rainy season is not far off. But she's always in a good mood and happy to see us!

I had my last rabies shot today! I think we need to have a party.

I guess that's all for now. 


  1. I hope you have recovered well from that dog bite - I totally missed that blog ;-( sorry abt that - but I gotta say it takes a lotta courage love and positive attitude to do what you do girl - you are an inspiration - I hope its as much fun for you doing it as it is for me reading abt it - and thanks for the heads up on the blog on FB ;-)
    Love you and miss you!!!

  2. Those photos are beautiful! I can't wait to see all of the rest of them.

  3. Beautiful update and photos Mags. I have been thinking about you non stop lately and accidently calling my friends Maggy. And then having to explain to them why my mind is wondering into connection between the two of you. Love, love love!