Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Miss Frankie.

So the day before yesterday, I was walking to my language lesson and I got bit by a dog! It literally came out of nowhere and bit my ankle and the bottom of my heel. Ouch. So I hobbled to my team leader's house - it was the closest place. He wanted to rush me to the hospital on the back of his motorbike. Instead I called Cindy, the nurse on our team and she came to check me out. They took me to our little hospital in town which was a cultural experience in itself.
The check-in room, waiting room, and emergency room was all the same room. The doctor looked like he was seventeen and was wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt. The nurse was so sweet, but was dressed like a nurse in a horror movie. They did the usual weight, measurements, are you single or married, etc. Then laid me down to scrub my wound out. They told me that I needed to have a rabies shot and a tetanus shot! I told them that I didn't want a tetanus shot, that I was up to date. But then the nurse came at me with two needles! I called my team leader, Nelson, over and told him to tell the nurse that I did not want the tetanus. Nelson looked at me and said "I paid for it. You have to get it." Okay. So I did. So, two days later, with two sore arms and a gimp foot, I think I'm on the recovery path. And my dad is sending me a nightstick.

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  1. Was it hammer-toed foot? And that is awful (but I laughed at the tetanus shot - it sounds like something a member of my family would do) I hope your back to your unhobbily self in no time.