Saturday, February 21, 2009


While walking back from town this afternoon, Courtney and I were stopped by a small crowd of Thai kids (well, they looked young, but turned out to be in their 20s). They wanted to interview us to practice their English. So we sat down outside the grocery store, prepared to answer a long list of interesting questions. By the end of our interview, we were goofing around with them and having quite a lot of fun. They asked for our email addresses, told us they'd email us, and offered to drive us home on their motorbikes! I am so excited about this because I've been praying for girls our age to hang out with. I want to be a part of the community here - not just hang out with all of the foreigners. Plus, Courtney and I were just talking over lunch about how we wanted to make friends here! Thank you Lord! So pray that they e-mail us and that they'll want to come over for coffee!

This is also exciting because it's the same way I met my two best friends in North Africa. Sarah and Koutar stopped my friend and I and asked if they could interview us. And just about everyday after that we hung out with them! I'm really hoping this turns out the same!

Ok, I haven't posted anything in awhile and I'd like to blame it on the electricity and internet being out, but that was really only for the last 24 hours so it's a questionable excuse. I've been taking language lessons nearly every weeknight with Nima - an incredible woman who really needs to write an autobiography because she's got quite the story. So it's sometimes hard to study there, because I just want to know about her life. She's a great teacher and I feel like I'm learning a lot - but there is SO much to learn.

Tomorrow in a neighboring town there will be an eye surgery clinic. Some visiting eye doctors will be seeing patients that have some real serious eye problems and hopefully changing their lives through surgery. I will be helping out with that. Just administrative stuff, taking names, making sure the doctors have what they need, etc. Thankfully some people from the village we work in were able to make it across and will be having surgery this week.

One is a boy who is probably about 13 years old and seems to be completely blind. I'd never seen him before, but he heard about the clinic and came to the church this morning to be taken to the clinic. This kid is brave and clearly feels like this is his only hope. I don't think he knew anyone on my team but he got into the truck -not having any idea where (geographically speaking) we were going - and not knowing anyone, without a parent. He looked really scared but something in him looked hopeful, even excited. I mention him because I want to ask for prayer for him. I'll see him tomorrow at the clinic and maybe after that to keep you posted on how things turn out for him. He's so young. He has a whole life to live with or without vision. I pray that his eyes will be healed.


  1. Awesome! Will yarp :) Miss you!

  2. did you ever hear back from those people about hanging out for coffee?